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At Racquet, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience, especially during the busy summer months. That's why we offer swim lessons in short, intensive blocks throughout the summer season. Our condensed lesson format allows for maximum progress in a shorter period, perfect for families with packed schedules or those looking to make the most of their summer break. With our expert instructors and tailored curriculum, swimmers can dive into their lessons with focus and determination, achieving their goals efficiently while still having plenty of time for summer fun. Join us for a splash-tastic summer of learning and growth at Racquet!

Lessons are available Monday through Thursday and are scheduled in two week blocks. Swimmers will meet with their instructor four times during those weeks for either private, semi-private or group sessions. The fees for the two week blocks (four sessions total) are:

  • Private (30 minutes): Members $152 | Non-members $200
  • Semi-private (30 minutes): Members $112 per swimmer | Non-members $160 per swimmer
    • When arranging for semi-private lessons, keep in mind the TWO swimmers in your party should be close in age and skill level.
  • Groups (45 minutes): Members $64 per swimmer | Non-members $100 per swimmer

While you are welcome to call the Club, the fastest way to schedule is to complete the pre registration form below. After reviewing your information, a member of our Aquatics staff will be back in touch to confirm space, finalize days and times, obtain your signature on our waiver and make payment arrangements. In the meantime, please check out the information about our Academy progression at the bottom of the page.

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Swim Academy Progression

  • Water Babies (parent/child)

    Our Water Babies program is centered around water acclimation, comfort and safety. Skills focus on breath control, buoyancy, balance and comfort in aquatic environments. Guided by a trained instructor, parents and guardians will learn what and how to practice with their little ones - at the pool, lake or even in the bathtub! We'll explain age appropriate developmental milestones and work together to accomplish them.

    Ages: 4 - 24 months

    Maximum participants: 5


    • One adult must be in the water with each child.
    • Children must wear swim diapers.
  • Tadpoles (safety swimming)

    The Tadpole program is for beginning swimmers and is designed to support water acclimation, buoyancy, breath control and water safety, including moving through the water using the arms and legs and rolling onto the back to float. The main focus of this class is to provide your swimmer with confidence and the skills to remain calm, preserve energy and self rescue, should the need arise.

    Ages: 1+ years

    Lesson duration and frequency: These PRIVATE lessons last up to 30 minutes per session. (Mom/Dad, please understand - not all children are up to the full 30 minutes at first. We book the time in hopes that it works out but, in our experience, it is better to finish early than to push until meltdown. That can affect your child's enthusiasm for swimming which certainly impedes progression.)


    • If not fully potty trained, children must wear swim diapers.
  • Guppies (Toddlers / Beginners)

    The Guppie program continues to develop water acclimation, buoyancy, breath control and water safety skills, placing particular emphasis on developing a strong foundation in elementary backstroke. Participants will continue practicing rolling on their back and will begin swimming underwater. Guppies is an excellent transitional class for ISR skilled kids to begin learning stroke techniques while maintaining their hard earned survival skills.

    Ages: 2+ years


    • Toddlers must have mastered Tadpole skills.
    • If not fully potty trained, children must wear swim diapers.
  • Stroke Development

    There are four levels in the stroke development side of our Academy progression, fittingly named after the four traditional swimming strokes - backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. As a parent of a swimmer in this stage of the program, you will really start to see things "come together" as many of the skills that were mastered individually in lower levels of the program are reintroduced as part of a whole. Light bulbs go off and kids start flying in the water - literally and figuratively. As for the names of the levels, those will be the primary stroke emphasis while in that stage and they will continue to be reviewed as swimmers move on to more challenging strokes.

    Ages: 4 - 14


    • Swimmer evaluation for placement purposes
  • Swim Team Prep

    Swim Team Prep is designed for swimmers who are efficiently swimming all four strokes and who would like to learn more about the world of competitive swimming! All are welcome - whether you’re graduating from the Academy or you’re in the off season of the swim team. This level is fast paced and will hone skills specific to competitive swimming in order to gain speed, confidence and agility.


    • Swimmer evaluation for placement purposes
  • Adult Beginner

    Developed for older teens and adults, this class is tailored to meet the unique needs of adult learners, focusing on building fundamental water skills, stroke mechanics and water safety. You'll receive personalized attention and feedback, ensuring rapid progress and mastery of essential swimming techniques. No matter your initial comfort level in the water, our patient instructors will help you overcome any fears or anxieties, creating a positive and empowering learning experience.

    Ages: 15+

Swim Academy Policies

  • Refunds

    The Swim Academy is unable to offer refunds for any reason other than an official weather cancellation.

  • Cancellations

    Should we need to cancel a lesson due to weather, a Swim Academy representative will text or email at least 30 minutes prior to the lesson.

  • Re-enrollment

    No child will be re-enrolled in an upcoming session automatically. Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to keep their spot IF they confirm acceptance by the deadline provided by the Academy Coordinators.

  • Class Organization

    The Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel, combine and/or change instructors or classes as needed.