David Alfaro

David Alfaro

about David

Strong side: Analytical thinking and problem-solving
Soft side: Empathy and understanding
Fun side: Finds joy in simple pleasures
Sanity Saver: Tennis - a way to unwind and destress
Favorite tennis shot: Forehand down the line
Proudest tennis moment: Winning a doubles and singles tournament after a hard-fought final match
#1 thing you tell yourself during a tennis match: "Stay focused and trust yourself."
Tennis certification and training: Certified Tennis Instructor with USPTA 5 years of coaching experience, including specialized training in stroke mechanics and strategy
Favorite pickleball shot: The cross-court dink
Proudest pickleball moment: Achieving a perfect game with flawless shots and teamwork
#1 thing you tell yourself during a pickleball match: "Stay patient and wait for the right opportunity to attack."
Pickleball certification and training: Certified Pickleball Instructor with the USPTA: extensive experience teaching beginners and advanced players, including advanced strategy workshops and drills

David's lesson fees: Tennis - Tier 1; Pickleball - Tier 2

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