Johanna Paine

Johanna Paine

about Johanna

Strong side: I work hard and expect those around me to also work hard–whether they are my client or my workout partner.

Soft side: I’m very empathetic, care deeply about those around me, and want my clients to come away from our sessions feeling better than they did before.

Fun side: Find me on a body of water–ocean, bay, or lake–or exploring a new country and you’ll see me having my peak level of fun!

Secret side: I can’t tell you since it’s a secret! But maybe you’ll find out if we end up working together :)

Proof that she’s just like you: I love a good Netflix or HBO series.

Go to trainer tip: Don’t be afraid to add more weight and push yourself further–both physically and mentally–than you have in the past. That last stretch is where strength, muscle definition, and confidence are built.

Education and certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED Certified, USA Powerlifting 57kg nationally-ranked and Louisiana state record-holding former competitive powerlifter.

Johanna's fees: See training tier 1

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