Leslye Gibbens

Leslye Gibbens

about Leslye

Strong side: My love for teaching tennis and my determination to discover how my clients learn best.

Soft side: My clients are my soft side and my inspiration. I know how difficult the game of tennis is to learn and I love to watch hard work and determination. I love seeing each one gain skills and love playing tennis.

Fun side: My new fave fun is Orange Ball Mayhem! It is awesome to teach it, but it is crazy fun to be a participant in a class! Everyone, no matter the skill level, can play!

Secret side: I love to fish and I am fiercely competitive. Thus, I am always hung up in tree limbs, because I know the biggest fish is hanging out under trees. It is a flaw. I have tried casting to open spots, but the big one is under the branches. If I was a big fish, I would hang out under the tree limbs...wouldn't you?

Sanity Saver: My sanity saver? Ha! Can you guess? It is tennis, whether it is watching it live, watching it on television or playing it. I really don't think about anything, but the tennis ball! Instant sanity saver!

Favorite Shot: Wow! Figuring out my favorite tennis shot is like trying to decide what flavor cheesecake I want when I visit a certain cheesecake restaurant! I really do like them all, but I always end up with a chocolate piece. My chocolate tennis shot is my cross court forehand, but I really like all of them!

Leslye's lesson fees: Tier 3

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