Marcella Meyer, PT

Marcella Meyer, PT

about marcella

Strong side: If I have a plan, I will stick to it and follow through to the bitter end.

Soft side: I can’t say no to good veggie pizza. I consider it a great way to get my veggies

Fun side: The best form of relaxation for me is out hiking with my Boykin spaniel

Secret side: My desire to become a physical therapist stemmed from an injury during my last gymnastic meet during my senior year as an undergrad.

Proof that she’s just like you: I’m a sucker for salty snacks. Just can’t say no to popcorn at the movies.

Go to trainer tip: I’m a stickler for “form” when I’m working with a patient. I will not let you perform any exercise without perfect form.

Education and certifications: I received a B.S in Exercise Science from James Madison University, BS in Physical Therapy from UCA and a MS in Exercise Physiology from the university of South Florida.

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To schedule a physical therapy session with Marcella, call Racquet and ask for the Physical Therapy office.

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Marcella's session fees:

Physical therapy: All sessions - $120