Chris Long

Chris Long

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Strong side: I love helping people to be more mobile and active. A deeply relaxing massage may be what you need, but often I find bringing in a more active orthopedic stretching can help to get the body in the right shape to stay in shape.

Soft side: I have a soft spot for Silver Sneakers and seniors. I worked for years in physical therapy where 80-90% of our patients were from the senior center next door, and it makes me feel good to help those people to experience less pain and gain mobility.

Fun side: I'm a musician and a total video game nerd! I like to offer the chance to my clients to either talk and chat a bit while I work or to just let them relax and breathe in the moment. I have a lot of stories from performing music on the road, and of course, I can talk about nerd stuff til the cows come home.

Secret side: I have had a lot of injuries and have found benefits in massage therapy and physical therapy over the years myself. I understand a lot of the pain and injuries that most of my clients are dealing with fairly well, and it is this understanding that drives my wish to help them heal and keep moving.

Proof that he's just like you: I get massages too! In fact, I don't think I'd survive without them!

Go to wellness tip: Schedule yourself a massage BEFORE you hit a breaking point. I know it can be hard to take time for yourself in the hustle and bustle of today's world, but finding the time to get a massage will help to keep you active and mobile and stave off those dreaded down days. It's also a great way to lower stress and improve sleep.

Education and certifications: 17 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I also worked for 6 years as an assistant to a physical therapist in NLR, the knowledge and techniques I learned while working there and educating in the field of pain management and orthopedic/sports massage have been invaluable in my own practice. I have worked with the Little Rock Marathon, backstage at Music Festivals, and have helped world-class athletes.

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Chris practices out of our North club. To schedule a massage with him, please call there.

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Chris's massage fees: 30 min session - $45 | 60 min session - $80 | 90 min session - $105