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  • Prescribed Stretching - 30 minutes

    It’s a well-known fact that muscle flexibility is important but most of us don’t do enough stretching. Stretching minimizes the risk of muscle injury, improves our posture, reduces pain associated with exercise and even improves the efficiency of our breathing. In this session with a Physical Therapist, learn what stretches are best suited for your trouble areas and get a personalized home program which won’t require a partner or tools to perform. This session will include guidance on when to stretch, how long stretches should be held, how posture and breathing impact efficacy, the difference between static and dynamic stretching and when to use each.

    Available at Athletic and Racquet

  • Shoulder and Elbow Injury Prevention for Racquet and Paddle Sport Athletes - 30 minutes

    In this session with a Physical Therapist learn basic shoulder kinematics and the exercises needed to ensure you maintain a strong and healthy shoulder and reduce risk of injury to all joints of the upper extremity.

    The repetitive swinging action of the upper extremity, especially with the added force of hitting a ball, can cause injuries to the elbow and shoulder. Weakness in the core and shoulder girdle greatly increase the risk of developing tendinitis and muscle strains. Aside from the pain itself, our bodies often develop compensatory strategies over time to avoid reproducing the pain, which can compromise the speed and accuracy with which we hit the ball. Don't let that happen to you; schedule your appointment today.

    Available at Athletic and Racquet

  • Posture and Gait Analysis - 30 minutes

    With age, our posture changes, putting strain on certain parts of the body. Areas of the neck, shoulders and low back are commonly impacted. It is the result of muscle imbalances (weakness in some, tightness in others) which develop slowly over time and can cause chronic pain. Come find out where your pain is coming from and receive a comprehensive posture and gait analysis. Clients will be given recommendations for self-management of symptoms, education on proper sitting and sleeping postures and a tailored home exercise program to reduce muscle imbalances.

    Available at Athletic and Racquet

  • Have a Healthy Core - 30 minutes

    The body’s core is essential to coordination, balance and stability for our limbs to function well. Accuracy of our body’s movement is dependent on the strength in this region of our body - muscles of the trunk and hips. A weak core can result in balance deficits, poor coordination of our upper and lower limbs to perform desired movements and a variety of injuries. In this session with a Physical Therapist, learn where your weak areas are and get a tailored core strengthening program based on your current fitness level and functional goals.

    Available at Athletic and Racquet

  • Thermal Flexibility Training - 30 minutes

    This introductory session is designed to improve flexibility over a particular joint or muscle group. Individuals with tight muscles and limited range of motion have a greater risk for injury during daily activities as well as during sports and athletic activities. Application of moist heat followed by manual stretching will help increase flexibility thus reducing the risk of injury.

    Available at Racquet

  • Aqua Therapy - 30 minutes

    Therapeutic activities in a water environment provide support, buoyancy and gentle resistance during exercise. Aquatic therapy is helpful for people with orthopedic conditions, balance issues and neurological disorders. This session is designed to allow for therapeutic exercise while removing some of the effects of gravity. Aqua therapy has been found to be particularly helpful for pregnant women as they reach their third trimester.

    Available at Racquet

  • Pre-Surgical Therapy - 30 minutes

    Individuals who participate in exercise prior to elective surgeries have a faster and easier recovery. This therapeutic session will provide you with a pre-surgical exercise plan tailored to address your upcoming surgical procedure. In addition, you will receive specific recommendations to assist you with your home recovery.

    Available at Athletic and Racquet

  • Assisted Stretching - 30 minutes

    If you find it hard to stick to a schedule of stretching or you can’t perform certain stretches on your own, we are here for you. With the assistance of our licensed massage therapists, you’ll receive a deeper and more targeted stretch resulting in greater range of motion instantly.

    Available at Athletic and North

  • Massage - 30 Minutes

    Whether you’re loosening up for a big doubles match or you’re a busy parent who just needs an escape from daily duties, our licensed massage therapists are experts in an array of techniques and therapies, including Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Swedish, Restorative and Prenatal massage. Besides just feeling better generally, enjoying regular massage will improve circulation and flexibility, relieve tension headaches and muscle pain, reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate weak muscles.

    Available at Athletic and North

rules and scheduling

  • rules
    • Each reward requires 200 points to redeem and you must have the points in your Rewards account at the time of the service in order to use any of these rewards.
    • The Rewards can’t be applied to or combined with other services our Therapy departments offer.
    • Each award may only be used one time every six months.
    • The Club reserves the right to change or remove any reward from our Rewards program at any time without notice.

    Please Note: You must have the required number of points in your Rewards account at the time of the service in order to redeem this reward. This reward can’t be applied to or combined with other services our Therapy departments offer. Redeem your reward just prior to the start of your appointment at which time your voucher will be "Marked As Used" by your service provider.

  • scheduling

    Regardless of your home Club, you can arrange for any service at any Club at which that service is available as long as you have enough points in your Rewards account. To make an appointment, please call.

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